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08 Nov

Are Varicose veins dangerous 


Varicose Veins cause pain, swelling, discoloration and rarely blood clot formation. Clots if they extend to Deep veins can result in clot extending to lungs and can be dangerous. However this is very rare occurrence.


Are Varicose veins painful


Varicose Veins can cause pain, aching, tiredness, fatigue, restless legs or completely pain free.



Are Varicose veins itchy


Yes they can be itchy due to inflammation in the skin as a result of relase of iron pigment from blood cell breakdown.


Are Varicose veins hard


Vein can get hard if their is clot formation in them also called phlebitis.



Are Varicose veins normal


Some veins are normal, when they become engorged, painful or unsightly  are considered abnormal.


Are Varicose veins deadly 


Very rare if their is clot formation with extension to lungs resulting in pulmonary embolism


Are Varicose veins bad

They are more of discomfort than major health problem. But rarely they can result in skin breakdown or venous ulcers and blood clots.



Are Varicose veins sore

They can be very sore and can cause leg tiredness and difficultly and pain on standing for long periods of time.




Are Varicose veins permanent


Most part yes, as veins are formed due to abnormal valves. Even if they are treated, chances are they would come back.




Are Varicose veins hereditary


Yes they do run in families and have genetic component.


Are Varicose veins and spider veins the same


Spider veins are smaller and varicose veins are larger and have more symptoms and problems. But both are due to abnormal valves.


Are Varicose veins peripheral vascular disease



No peripheral vascular disease is due to lack of arterial blood flow where as varicose veins are due to abnormal valves.


Are Varicose veins curable


No , but they can be prevented by regular walking, using compression stockings and occasionally supplements containing horse chestnut.


Are Varicose veins common



Varicose veins are very common and large patient population have varicose veins.



Are Varicose veins during pregnancy dangerous


Varicose veins can cause pain, aching, tiredness, fatigue, restless legs during pregnancy. They are not any more dangerous than non pregnant patients.


Are Varicose veins hard to the touch


Yes they can be hard to touch if there is clot formation.



Are Varicose veins covered by hip


Deep veins and upper part of saphneous vein is very close to hip joint.

Are Varicose veins superficial or deep



Are varicose veins superficial or deep


yes they are superficial and deep veins.


Are Varicose veins a disease



It is a genetic condition or triggered by environmental factors which cause vein valves to become abnormal and therefore cause problems.


Are varicose veins common during pregnancy


They are very common during pregnancy due to pressure of Uterus.