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22 Jun

If you’re having trouble with your digestive system, whether it’s bloating or constipation, you might be looking for supplements that you can add to your diet to improve things. Two of the most commonly used supplements are digestive enzymes and probiotics. It’s important to understand a bit more about them and what they do before you start to use them, though. That way, you can know which of them is right for you.

22 Jun

Having a weak immune system can cause your body problems when there is some kind of problem or infection in your body that needs to be fought. This is what your immune system is there to do. There are many reasons why your immune system could be failing to perform to its optimal level. It’s worth learning more about your immune system and which potential problems and symptoms to look out for.

22 Jun

The prevalence of diabetes, cancer and other lifestyle-related conditions has exploded in the US, as well as many other Western countries over the last few decades. In the 1960s, only around 0.5 percent of the population had type 2 diabetes – they type where insulin action in the cells is blocked as a result of excessive intramyocellular lipids (or fat within the cells). But since then, the prevalence of the diseases has rocketed to more than 8.5 percent of the population, thanks mainly to Western diets and lifestyles.

22 Jun

The prostate is a small gland that sits just below the bladder, near to the tube that carries urine from the bladder to the penis. You might think that due to its small size, it wouldn’t be the cause of so many health problems in men, but you would be wrong. Not only is cancer of the prostate widespread, but the prostate can be the cause of many other health issues as well, including prostatitis – where the prostate gland swells as a result of inflammation – urinary retention, nocturia (or excessive nighttime urination), chronic bacterial prostatitis and a whole host of other issues.

15 Jun

Poor circulation occurs when blood flow is reduced to certain parts of the body. Most commonly, the extremities are affected. When the circulatory system is impaired, this contributes to symptoms of poor circulation. These symptoms occur as a result of the blood vessels being unable to deliver key nutrients and oxygen. This guide will provide a comprehensive look into what causes poor circulation, the symptoms you may experience if your circulation is compromised, and what kinds of treatment are available. Although we will consider the general causes and symptoms of poor circulation, this page will focus primarily on poor circulation in the legs.

08 Jun

Probiotics are all the rage right now, thanks to the blogging and medical community’s focus on the microbiome – the ecosystem of bacteria that live inside your gut. A healthy microbiome is associated with better blood sugar control, lower rates of colorectal cancer, better all-around energy levels and fewer symptoms of depression. In fact, the science on the benefits of a healthy gut is so overwhelming that the medical community has experienced something of a paradigm shift. No longer is the human body viewed as a single organism but rather a synergistic ecosystem, where the health of all the species of bacteria living in the gut has a direct effect on the health of the entire body. That being said, there are many questions about the side effects of probiotics. In this article, we’ll review which ones are real and which ones are myth.